Pulse Cage episode 4 then and now


     I want to let you know that progress on Pulse Cage episode 4 is still being made. I want to share with you an old progress report on this episode from 2016 and also the current progress report. I just want to share with you all where we're at.

Pulse Cage episode 4 (2016):
Story: 50%
Editing: 4%
Backgrounds: 90%
Scripting: 50%
Testing: 40%
Special pictures: 25%

Pulse Cage episode 4 ( 2019):
Story: 90%
Editing: 47%
Backgrounds: 100%
Testing: 100%
Special pictures: 50%

We're very close to finishing this one. And in the meantime, as you all know,  all episode will be free until this series is completed. 
You can find them here:

Thanks for all of your support! Have fun!


Pulse Cage Episode 4
Nov 20, 2018

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