A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

     A unique visual reading experience wrapped up in an interactive game about a chain-letter of love and darkness.

Episode 1:

     A girl in a small community comes to realize that she's being stalked by a mysterious admirer. She breaks out of her parents customs, while in search for this admirer. She begins to see her in a new way. In a desperate act, not knowing where else to look, she tries to find herself in other people as she grows closer to them, she realizes who her admire has been the entire time.


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Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Mystery, School Life

Game Play: Role-playing game/ Simulation, Visual Novel, Otome, Girl pursues Boys

Rated: Teen

Story Ending(s): 2

Choices: 12

Price: Commercial

Time:  2 hour game-play

Extras: 2 (30 sec.) Animations, 2 CGs

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The game will come in a Zip. file called "PulseCageEp1-1.6.zip"


This Visual Novel is currently unavailable

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No more episodes. Pulse Cage is now 1 full game. Play it here: https://beastcarving.itch.io/pulse-cage-the-full-series

Wow! Thanks for the anonymous tip. 

I've played the whole series a while ago. It was quite amazing actually. I believe that I've never experienced a visual novel like this one. The color scheme *BOOM*. I just love those hand-drawn BGs and character designs.  I love that each guy in this vn series has a hybrid animal that represents their personality. Overall the story has this creep, cute, and motivation vibe to it all. I really like those scenes where Y/N recollects events with each guy in her mind in this kind of colorful realm setting. I like how Y/N has this ability to pull out a different side of each guy that even they aren't completely comfortable with or aware of. She's one of those people that have good advice and solutions for others but can't help themselves when need be. I don't know, I guess that makes her pretty heroic in away.  The mean girl Cami and Gen were terrible to her. It bothers me that Jade, her BEST friend sat back and let those things happen. She doesn't defend her or anything. She's toxic, and I'm glad about the outcome of all of that.   In conclusion, I love the moral of this VN series and the way the characters developed and impacted each other. Garrett was definitely my favorite because he was the easiest to relate to. Sometimes it's easier to get angry or make a joke than to face yourself. Pulse Cage was awesome, and I look forward to the up and coming project and future ones as well. Well done, BeastCarving Studio! 🤗

Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you played and enjoyed the series. :)

(1 edit)

I am confused maybe a bit...is the entire thing done, or is it coming out every 2-3 months per episode? (telltale style, or dontnod style)

edit: nevermind! Is there anyway to DM or email you to request to stream the other episodes?

All episodes are out! You can E-mail me at BeastCarving@yahoo.com

Ok, I'll email you ASAP!

Pulse Cage Trailer on YouTube