A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 A unique visual reading experience wrapped up in an interactive game about a chain-letter of love and darkness.

Picks up from Pulse Cage Episode 1.

Episode 2:

     Shira/YN still being watched by an unknown mysterious admirer. She begins to find out what makes her happy, even if that means breaking all of those chains her parents bonded her with. The video is still roaming around her school, and she's hoping to stop it and destroy it. On her way to Garrett's cousin's college party, she gets close to a really cool guy, a very interesting one. After her outings, she returns to her house. Little did she expect, someone is waiting for her right in her room. With no place to hide, she faces them, not having any other choice.


The game will come in a Zip. file called "PulseCageEp2-1.0-all.zip"

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Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Mystery, School Life

Game Play: Role-playing game/ Simulation, Visual Novel, Otome, Girl pursues Boys

Rated: Teen

Story Ending(s): 4

Choices: 22

Price: Commercial

Time:   4 hour game-play

Extras: Dress up Screen, 4 Special Pictures

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This Visual Novel is currently unavailable

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No more episodes. Pulse Cage is now 1 full game. Play it here: https://beastcarving.itch.io/pulse-cage-the-full-series

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Episode 2 was well done. There were a few errors here and there, as well as some disconnects, but I was heavily invested in the story. Good work!

Also, any plans on making these accessible through the itch app? 

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Hello, Lehxra!
     I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I'm planning on doing revisions after the series is completed. It will be accessible in other formats as well as platforms at a later time. 

Pulse Cage trailer on YouTube.