Pulse Cage episode 2 | update!|

Pulse Cage Episode 1CompletedSept.22/2015
Pulse Cage Episode 2CompletedSept.22/2016

Pulse Cage Episode 3CompletedMay.17/2017
Pulse Cage Episode 4In progressTBA

This month the Pulse Cage series will be coming to an end. I've decided that episode four is going to be the last one, so get caught up with the series, and ready yourself for the final episode coming this Fall.

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The download link leads to a 404.

I'm sorry. I'm looking into it right now. Only Pulse Cage Episode 2 right?

I'm sorry about that, I forgot to update the link. I just now fixed the link, it should work now. 

Thanks, works now. It was only Episode 2.