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 *This will be an Android game

Immerse yourself in short stories, but not just any, these are from the heart of diaries around the world. Diary entries will include categories such as childhood, horror, dreams, high school, romantic, never told a soul, text/online, naughty, mystery, travel and daydream stories.

Diaries hold the deep dark truth about a person's traumatic, or just personal daily embarrassing or beautiful experiences, however, diaries are usually kept secret. Dive into these entries and see if you will make the same decisions as the writer and bask in the Naked Truth or will you choose a new route making it Your Experience?

Released 6-19-20| Due to error became available 6-25-20

* Smoke in the Chamber- Action & crime | interactive story game 

Releases on 7-3-20| New every other  week

* Dare- High school, Slice of life, & Drama | interactive story game 

Releases on 7-17-20| New every other  week

* I Have a Boyfriend I've Never Met- Childhood, Slice of life, & Lovey_Dovey | interactive story game 

 And more....


Each Diary Entry is based on a true story, one path being true(The Naked Truth) with added routes and choices, and the other being an alternative to the story theme(Your Experience). When people tell True stories, they sometimes have no follow-up or continuation, and they end just like that. However, I've created the Daydream Diary, which is a category where I can daydream about your True stories and make spin-offs bases off of your entry, and from there, a series is born. You will be able to vote in what Diary Entries you'd like to have a Daydream(spin-off/continuation). 

• All dialogue and route based choices are free.

• Player chooses their name.

• Create an avatar: hair, skin, clothes and more.

• Develop relationships with characters

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  •  + Special character illustration graphics (in-game and in the picture gallery)
  • + Diary: The Naked Truth Your Experience on ios


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Individual creator, Just me, Army of one, + all of you who support my work ❤︎ Thanks!


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On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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How does the 100% off sale of this game work? It says that I'll permanently own the game once claimed. But then, as I logged in my account, it redirected me to another link to become a beta tester. So I signed in, hoping that I'll get it. That's when I knew that I needed to pay to get the game even If I'm a beta tester. 

So, it's not really a 100% off sale, right? Is it just for promotion and stuff?

Sorry about that. That wasn't supposed to happen. It is a free game. Were is this payment wall showing up?

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Never mind, I found it. thank you so much for telling me about this matter. It will be fixed in 24 hours. I wasn't aware of this issue because I was logged  into my account. Sorry about that.