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Full game: A visual novel about a dark fantasy experience that begins on a dangerous blind date.

A fantasy experience about temptations, cults, curses, predictors, vows, fortunetelling, loyalties, and a battle of oblivion.  

☀ Overview:🌙

You play as a serial dater, but when she tries a blind date that might bring love at first sight, the night becomes dangerous as you sense an evil presence in the area. Someone could be trying to taint your aura before your Purity Ceremony. Only a few days left, but can you remain unadulterated and battle the enticements that come your way? Should you give your life for another's if need be, let them have your soul, surrender to your most profound desires, or drop the weight of all of your vows and be freed?  


You can pick your appearance, 6 different MCs that you can customize throughout the game

Experience the beauty  in the darkness or the deformity of the light.

Can you keep her aura pure in time for the ceremony?


    Genre: drama, eerie, supernatural, romance

TW: abuse,  self harm,  language, fantasy religion, dark humor

Playtime: 180+ pages, 5hrs 

Word count: about 89,155+ Pages: 185 Characters: 413,150 

Aesthetic: punk-church, gold teal brown, western, scratch art. 

Game-play: Morality meter, choices, memory & consequences.

☀7 outcomes

🌙3 individual romance routes

☀Achievements/notification for choices you make

🌙Select 1 custom Mc

☀Over 150 choices+

🌙Diversity: Pansexual, Heterosexual, Demisexual, Non Binary, cis gendered, queer, transgender, polyamorous

☀Player chooses their own name

🌙Develop relationships with characters

☀You will be able to decide on  your alliance

Choices will affect your character's personality and dialog and the way others treat them. Beware of how you treat others, or how you let them treat you. Your choices will also change the way your love interests behave. Character's need to be taught how to treat you or they will take over the MC's will. You can make the MC pure or let her become tainted.             

Experience the beauty  in the darkness or the deformity of the light.


Enjoys: Massages & womenRitualist: Non-ReligiousZodiac Sign: Aquarius
Hates: RitualsConfident, playful, flirtatious, persistent-- Jayce is known for his boisterous laughter, and you will be ticked by his many pet names.Height: 5'11

    Enjoys: SharingRitualist: Ancient Black Moon & White Sun
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hates: The modern world & loud noises

Secretive, charming, intelligence,  harmonious,  gentle-- some say Ramon, has a comforting angelic, yet unsetting and demonic presence. What do YOU feel?

Height: 6'4

Enjoys: Doing rituals
Ritualist:  Black MoonZodiac Sign:  Aries
Hates: BetrayalBig-hearted, aggressive, fearless, quiet, introverted-- Luiz will do what ever it takes to accomplish his goal.Height: 6'2


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Some info about this demo: 

  • This demo has two endings/routes2/outcomes
  • This game may contain language

Favorite Reviews & FQ&A

My absolute favorite review at the time will get the gold star. 


     Words can't describe how much I love the demo you've made!! I love how it begins, like poetry, skipping around in time. When done right, it's awesome, and I think it's done extremely well!

     I also noticed a lot of it is animated, like the blinking eyes and the scene set-ups. Plus, it's very dynamic. I love the color schemes and the text box backgrounds.

     Not only all this, but you're really great at setting a sexy and/or mysterious mood. I really felt the romance at the table with Jayce. Even the voice acting is super on-point!

     The one thing I would most recommend changing are the menus. I say this because it's difficult to read the words or find the symbols I'm looking for. They're very artsy and pretty, but when I'm on a squinting scavenger hunt for the functions I want, it kinda takes away from that. But other than that, fantastic job!      Thank you so much for letting me test it out. Good luck with the rest of development~ I can't wait to see the finished product :)" -Roxiano

I'm so happy you enjoyed the early version of the demo. Very gratefully for the long detailed review -BeastCarving Studio

Q: "So it's a game about getting groped by a horny skeleton or what?" -Reddit user

A: You should see for yourself. I don't want to give anything away but... -BeastCarving Studio

"The art is stunning, I feel like I've been looking for it my entire life. I'm totally entranced by the story. Damn, just take my soul already!"! -PurpleLiar 

I love hearing reviews like this one. Thank you sooo much! You've made my day! Now, about that soul... -Beastcarving Studio


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